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GPU Cards – Various BIOS/Firmware

sapphire vaporx r9 280xSAPPHIRE VAPOR-X R9 280X :

  • VPXO10_113-2104XTLAFR-V46_HYNIX.ROM – saved by gpu-z on freshly received new card
    md5: c04868ec35533b5376423dd0073efa83 – 131072 octets
  • VPXM10_113-2104XTLAFR-V46_HYNIX.ROM – the VPXO10_113-2104XTLAFR-V46_HYNIX.ROM one, modified with VBE7 with vddc to 1050 mV, gpu-engine default to 1000 MHz, memory-clock default to 1250 MHz
    md5: 196ee1d9ff5c06e1a571f35a69a99dc0 – 131072 octets

sapphire-toxic-r9-280xSAPPHIRE TOXIC R9 280X :

msi-amd-radeon-r9-280x-gaming-3go-bf4MSI R9 280X GAMING :

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