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My firsts GPU Rig for mining CryptoCoins (scrypt)

There is many post describing how to make a Windows or a Linux rig to mining crypto coins, so, here, you will just find some useful links, informations or BIOS which helped me.

1. Install Operating System, Dependancy, and xGMINER :

Under Debian Linux :

Under Windows :

2. Launch CGMINER / SGMINER with the good options for your cards :

Following a Knowledge database :

Find some samples on blog or websites :

dvivgadummy005ah43. Must lie to graphics cards :

It’s a good practice and solve some problem (ADL, or driver loading) to plug into the DVI port, a DVI -> VGA adapter, with some 75 ohms resistors, making that a dummy plug :

4. Undervolt the GPU vddc :

Using MSI Afterburn, Sapphire TriXX, or an I2C tools knowing technical informations ; or :

By saving the native graphic card BIOS, modifying it with VBE7, load it in the graphic card

Using a modified BIOS served by someone else :

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